FIELD-ERECTED TOWERS - FEP (Field Erected Product):

Field-erected cooling towers are evaporative cooling solutions for large flows of water and ready to work with both clean water or dirty water or heavily loaded.

They may be constructed in pultrusion, metal or concrete structure.

FACTORY-ASSEMBLED TOWERS - FAP (Factory Assembled Product):

Factory pre-assembled cooling towers are evaporative cooling solutions for lower water flows and are ready to work with both clean water or dirty water or heavily loaded.

Conceptually can be either forced draft and induced draft, and direct cooling (open circuit) or indirect (closed circuit, evaporative condensers and adiabatic and hybrid coolers).


Torraval assembles and markets plate heat exchangers of the highest quality and optimizes them so that the whole cooling tower + exchanger are in the most efficient combination.

Torraval also it supplies original spare parts for plate heat exchangers ensuring the performance of the equipment .


Over time there are elements of a cooling tower that are susceptible to mechanical wear and other items that can be damaged by poor maintenance or preservation.

Torraval as a designer and manufacturer of cooling towers guarantees the performance of the towers by replacing these elements with new ones of the same quality and characteristics as the originals.


Torraval's technical team offers the possibility of checking any cooling tower in a predictive and preventive as well as corrective manner.

In this way you can prevent damage to the cooling towers with the consequences that this may cause a production plant.

Also Torraval has a specialiized refrigeration engineering team able to optimize the performance of cooling towers with the lowest energy consumption always.

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