Cooling towers manufacturer since 1967.

Torraval Cooling was founded in Bilbao in 1967 by Sener Engineering. In December 2012, it was acquired by the Italian Group MITA, thus reinforcing its expansion and its international growth. MITA is a company with a 50 year experience in the field of evaporative refrigeration and has more than 25,000 towers installed across Europe. All of them are operating in different kind of industries and applications, solving cooling problems of a wide range. Torraval has supplied more than 12,000 installations all over the world demonstrating its quality, technology and its vocation providing service to their customers.

Torraval designs, produces and commercializes cooling towers characterized by its reliability and its efficiency. The company also provides customised solutions, and it is in continuous study and design of models and equipments technologically innovative focused on customer needs, based in energy saving and always respectful with the environment.

Torraval’s product range is basically composed of: