Mechanical Equipment

They concentrate the greatest number of elements that can suffer misalignments. They consist of the electric motor and fan in all cases, and the reducer and transmission in others. Breakage of any of these elements would bring about the stopping of the cooling tower.

- Fan: Proper selection and installation ensures proper airflow through the cooling tower. If the airflow is lower than necessary, the tower would not work in optimal conditions, and if it was superior we would considerably increase the Tower's energy consumption.

- Electric engine: It is the source of movement of the fan and its dimensions, protection and sealing must be the right ones to ensure long life thereof.

- Reducer: In the cooling towers including a reducer, this is the element that supports the fan, so it must be prepared to support its axial and radial loads. The rate of reduction should be adequate to not exceed the maximum blade tip speed of the fan, which could cause a break thereof; or not go lower than the design speed, reducing airflow circulating through the tower.

- Transmision: The rigidity and torsional strength as well as the working environment are essential to ensure a long life of this element.

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