Checks and maintenance

Cooling towers are equipment subjected to long periods of operation with little maintenance. Since it is a critical element in different industrial applications in which it's used, Torraval recommends an annual predictive and preventive maintenance in order to keep in optimal conditions of operation, thereby minimizing the risk of a breakdown than can get to stop the plant's production.


The mechanical equipment concentrates the most sensitive elements to suffer imbalances within the cooling tower itself and are composed of the engine, transmission, reducer and fan.

The internal elements are formed by the distribution system, which is essential for uniform distribution of water in the entire area of the tower, and the filler, that due to the particles or substances washed away by water begins to clog and lose its cooling capacity.


The droplet separator is referenced in Royal Decree 865/2003, of 4 July. Deterioration or improper handling by unqualified personnel can cause it to not fulfill its function properly, with the corresponding threat to health and the administrative sanctions that this malfunction may cause.

By scheduling regular checks we ensure optimum and lasting performance, so we propose to perform an annual assessment of your cooling towers.

TORRAVAL COOLING It proposes to conduct a maintenance contract with the following benefits:

  • We remind you of the need to perform this maintenance annually
  • We coordinate the moment plus opportunity for the inspection of all elements of the cooling tower
  • We issue a full report with the status in which each element is the tower is at
  • We propose the repair or replacement if necessary, of the elements that are not in good working condition

The aim is to ensure proper status of all elements of the cooling tower so it can continue to perform their activities with performance design reducing the risk of stopping.

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