Adiabatic Refrigerator

The solution offered by Torraval is adiabatic refrigerators is the PAD series, consisting of an air-based cooling with an adiabatic preecooling thereof that increases the performance and efficiency of the heat transfer . It's been designed to reduce water consumption, minimize energy consumption and prevent the release of aerosols to the atmosphere. It has a cooling capacity of up to 1.000 Kw.


The refrigerator automatically governs a PLC control panel supplied and programmed from the factory in accordance with the mode of operation optimized for each installation.

Dry mode: (normally in winter), the air is not pre-cooled (the adiabatic circuit is empty/out of service). The air enters the refrigerator from the top (open decks, if supplied), or through the humidifier filler, in this case dry (pump out of service).

Adiabatic mode: (normally in summer), air is subjected to a process of adiabatic pre-cooling before entering the cooler at the bottom. Once inside, it passes through the humidifier filling (closed air inlet top plates and water pump in operation).

• The unit can be commanded by BMS remote control.

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Technical specifications

Cooling Capacity from 100 to 1.000 kW

• Low water consumption unit
- Minimun quantity of water used

• Energy saving unit
- Lower temperature available compared to dry coolers
- Higher system efficency (COP)
- Intelligent adiabatic control via PLC control panel
- Optimised operation for heat load & ambient conditions
- Low installed power

• Low sound emission unit
- Low noise axial fans
- Inverter fan control

• Unique design
- Patended Flocked adiabatic media
- Cu/Al Finned coil
- Factory preassembled unit
- Counter flow and Non corroding design by TORRAVAL (FRP, PVC, PP)

• Simplified access
- Man sized access door
- Removable air inlet louvers

• Water guideline
- No aerosol generation
- Minimum water quantity in the unit
- Sloped water conveyor
- Automatic water purge system

• Also available as refrigerant condenser

• Suitable for Industry, HVAC, Refrigeration

• Single manufacturer responsibility