CTFP Series

Cooling towers from CTFP are series of open circuit evaporative towers of forced draft, with axial fan directly coupled to the engine and countercurrent flow . They are modular towers manufactured in reinforced polyester with fiberglass, building compact monobloc devices of extraordinarily operating reliability and long life. They can reach to cool water flows up to 250 m3/h per cell.

Maintenance is minimal due to the quality of the materials used, the simplicity of their mechanical equipment (does not use belts and pulleys) and easy access to the various components.

The water distribution system could be by closed or open pipelines or through open channels, the latter system being the one that provides complete visual inspection of the distribution system at any time and easily cleaned if necessary.

Standard equipment includes a manhole door for easy inspection of the interior of the cooling tower. The pool has a sloping bottom with rounded corners to facilitate complete emptying and simplify its cleaning.

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Technical specifications

Special versions

The CTFP series is also available in a special “Container” version, designed and built for easy shipment, to optimize the transport volumes and to reduce the costs.

For all basic models the following special versions are available:
• ATT - high temperature water, with max peaks of 80°C
• N - for water containing low quantities of suspended solids
• N-ATT - for high temperature water (with max peaks of 80°C) containing low quantities of suspended solids
• GS - for water containing large quantities of suspended solids

Accessories and construction variants

The following accessories and/or construction variants are available for all models on request:
• Three-phase heating element with control thermostat
• Minimum level cut-out switch
• Two-speed motor with graduated thermostat, automatic cascade
• Control panel
• Stainless steel metal parts (instead of hot-dip galvanized steel)
• Removable side-walls to allow inspection, easy cleaning and maintenance to the internal components of the cooling tower