PME-E Series

The PME-E cooling towers are of induced draft with axial fan directly coupled to the engine and countercurrent flow. They are constructed with a durable support structure of galvanized steel and sandwich-type side panels of 22mm manufactured in polyester reinforced with fiberglass.

Such panels are made with a double wall of laminated liner with inner expanded support material. This construction ensures, even in large surfaces, an optimal mechanical resistance and great noise absorption produced by the fall of the water inside the tower. Moreover, the fiberglass surface is protected with a gel resistant to ultraviolet radiation, cold and hot water, and abrasion of the elements as a result of being outdoors and exposed to chemicals.

It has an axial fan with direct drive from the engine and has multiple blades reinforced with fiberglass, which guarantees high performance, low power consumption and low noise level. The standard equipment includes a manhole door for easy inspection of the inside of the cooling tower. The pool has a sloped bottom with rounded corners to facilitate complete emptying and simplify cleaning.

The PME Series has 16 different models, all available with or without water collection pool for a cooling capacity range of approximately 580 to 2600 kW (nominal reference values considering a temperature change of 5°C).

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Technical specifications

Special versions

The PME-E series is also available in a special “Container” version, designed and built for easy shipment, to optimize the transport volumes and to reduce the costs. For all basic models the following special versions are available:

• ATT - high temperature water, with max peaks of 80°C
• N - for water containing low quantities of suspended solids
• N-ATT - for high temperature water (with max peaks of 80°C) containing low quantities of suspended solids
• GS - for water containing large quantities of suspended solids

Accessories and construction variants

The following accessories and/or construction variants are available for all models on request:
• Three-phase heating element with control thermostat
• Minimum level cut-out switch
• Two-speed motor with graduated thermostat, automatic cascade
• Control panel
• Stainless steel metal parts (instead of hot-dip galvanized steel)
• Removable side-walls to allow inspection, easy cleaning and maintenance to the internal components of the cooling tower