Factory Assembly Cooling Towers

Open Circuit Towers: Open Circuit Towers are direct circuit cooling equipment in which there is direct contact between the cooling water and the air flowing countercurrently through the tower in the filling. The water transfers heat energy to the air through evaporation until saturation.

Closed Circuit Towers : Closed Circuit Towers are indirect cooling equipment where there is no direct contact between the cooling liquid circulating in a coil and the water acting as cooling element. The liquid transfers heat energy to the cooling tower water through the walls of the coil.

Evaporative condensers : The evaporative condenser inside water-cooled condensing systems combines open circuit systems in one compact unit. Within this, a forced evaporation of a small amount of sprayed water is produced to achieve dissipation of heat necessary to condense the refrigerant gas .

Refrigerators: Refrigerators are water refrigeration equipment that depending on the outside temperature can work without water consumption.

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