Cooling Towers - PU Series

Cooling towers from PU series are atmospheric refrigerants of induced draft counterflow.

They are characterized by having a structure formed by FRP pultruded profiles, minimizing the presence of metallic elements in the tower.

These towers can cool flow rates up 5.500m3/cell, having an optimum design for all types of industrial processes. It's worthy to distinguish its suitability for all kinds of industrial water, regardless of the aggressiveness of such water.

They are certainly the best option when the flow rate to cool down is important, presenting the perfect balance between performance and price.

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Technical specifications

General description
Cooling towers of this series consist of:
• Structure and cladding
• Water distribution system
• Filling
• Drift eliminator
• Mechanical equipment

The upper part of the tower consists of a hot dip galvanized steel deck. An inspection trap and an internal ladder (one by each cell) in order to allow the access to the interior of the tower are included, as well as a peripheral handrail. To reach the upper part, a ladder from the floor is available.

Air entry
At the air intake in the lower part of the tower, optionally, several louvers are placed with the double object of conducting air inlet and avoiding water splash out of the tower.

These cooling towers can incorporate different filling types according to water quality features:
• Laminar: clean and industrial waters. It is composed by plastic panels with flute size from 12 to 40 mm and highly efficient.
• Semi-splash: composed by hollow cylinders vertically installed. Ideal for waters in which the content of suspended solids is high.
• Splash: it is recommended for those cases in which the content of suspended solids is extremely high. This film is composed of L-shaped plastic splash bars placed horizontally and supported by vertical stainless steel meshes, allowing large passages for water and air, thus avoiding the possibility of clogging.

Water distribution system
• FRP open channels or plastic pipes, both systems trough gravity nozzles and impingement plates.