Cooling Towers - PMM Series

PMM are open circuit cooling towers of counter-flow composed of factory pre-assembled modules. Its capacity goes from 2.6 to 14 MW (aproximate value, taking as a reference a cell, a thermal range of 5ºC, laminar filling of 19 mm and modular systems).

The PMM series is proposed in big-size plants. Each unit is engineered according to the technical data of the relevant project. All models are made of factory pre-assembled modules and components. This particular design grants a quick and inexpensive final installation, minimizing the erection times and costs. Besides this, the PMM range can be engineered to fit existing basins or structures in many cases.



Technical specifications

Fields of application
• Steel mills and metals manufacturing in general
• Energy production facilities
• Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
• Food industry
• Air conditioning systems (for shopping malls, hospitals, exhibition halls, etc...)
• Technical gas production facilities

Constructive characteristics
• Non-corroding tower casing, made up of fibreglass sandwich panels
• Supporting frames made of thick steel, hot dip galvanized after all the processing
• Fill packs (heat exchanging surface) with different types of air/water channels, suitable for the use with various water qualities
• Certified PP Drift eliminators (drift loss 0.01%)
• Water distribution system in PVC/PP/PE and PP non-clogging spray nozzles
• Each unit can be supplied with one or more removable walls/access doors in order to allow quick and easy inspection and maintenance operations
• Fibreglass fan stack in segments, giving the possibility to access the fan area in a fast, simple and safe way
• Axial motor fan system with mechanical gearbox and transmission shaft, low installed motor power, low noise levels
• IP56 motor, located outside the air flow, easy to access

Special versions
All PMM series cooling towers are assembled with different heat exchange fill packs selected according to the type of water to be cooled and the customer’s needs.
The fill packs used by TORRAVAL (internally tested in the own test station) are composed of self-extinguishing PVC sheets or thermoformed PP, available with different geometries depending on the characteristics of water:
• 19 mm (PVC or PP)
Panels for industrially clean water, with maximum temperatures of +55°C (PVC) and peaks up to +80°C (PP)
• GS-L (PVC also available for high temperatures)
Panels for dirty water, developed by MITA to provide maximum heat transfer by combining an effective splash effect to a film component
• GS (PP)
Grids for very dirty water (suspended solids and colloids with a diameter <200/300 microns, concentration <1000 mg / l) and with a maximum peak temperature of +80°C
ASTM E-84 Certification